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 I Survived for nothing

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I Survived for nothing Empty
PostSubject: I Survived for nothing   I Survived for nothing Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 1:12 am

I am the Sole survivor of this place... I'm all thats left. It's been so long. I saved GT, and this is my thanks. Banished from GT, forced to be here.Why, because I'm an emo? Is that any reason? And then i'm abandoned by heather. So, this is my thanks. A moderator on a dead forum. Whogo has corrupted them all.Atlas, heather, Dj, sprenzal... it's sad.I helped heather on two forums...and as for grome, it was nothing before me...and then paytons forum...i posted 100 pages on one thread by my self...and got nothing. With noone left online, I was forced to rely solely on real life. Here, i cant talk to the person i love more than life...all my other friends are moving...and i cant be with anyone b/c of the one i love. I, am the last member of this forum. This is my declaration of rebellion against the Dark One. This...is...a declaration of....war.



October rain by me: Stop my breathing/cut my wrists/u know i'll slit my throat/i'll bear my fists/ for you...i'll do anything/if u spare me my pain/in the october rain.
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I Survived for nothing
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