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 A relic, of what was...

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Rico Harkwood

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A relic, of what was... Empty
PostSubject: A relic, of what was...   A relic, of what was... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 4:10 pm

Grome Tower still stands tall, but is empty, the despotic tyranny of that had been held within it has long since collapsed. The landscape of planet Grome lies dormant, resting under the peaceful glimmer of the sun, its people now at peace, free to make their own choices now, free of the past and look forward to the future.

Harkwood, once prided itself as the first "Harkwoodist Forum" and the rebellion against the imperialistic Whogoists, now lies in ruin. The once prospect filled and optimistic people of its gracious plains have been vaporised by the destruction of their domain. Little remains of the once popular civilisation, but a cold, dark and isolated memory that will soon be swept away by the march of time.

The so called "United Forums", that were Harkwood, SefCito and Flatline (2) have now broken away from the once strong and holy alliance, hoping for independence from Grome. It had been destroyed from the inside, by Whogopenguin, who had pretended to help these new nations but instead sabotaged their development and forced their destruction and made them choose sides.

Hezzikins is quiet now, an anarchy with a lone moderator. No one else visits this isolated and forgotten fragment of what was, and what was meant to be. This is an old relic of what happened to the obscure group of people who tried to make a forum, tried to be adult and wanted what everyone wants, freedom. But now we drift away from the old ways and begin to grow up and forget the troubled times spent upon the Forumotion Traverse.
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A relic, of what was...
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