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 The Dead Drew Closer

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Rico Harkwood

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PostSubject: The Dead Drew Closer   The Dead Drew Closer Icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 4:14 pm

Here's something I wrote a couple of days back, if anyone is still lurking through the vast empty landscape of Hezzikins, or hiding in the underground network of bunkers and laboratories, maybe they would like to read it. Well here it is:

The dead drew closer.
Forever the walked, crawled and, in some desperate cases, fell towards their intended victims to satisfy a sinister hunger that could never be happy, always wanting more. What was this hunger that drove the dead from their soft and damp graves to the tall and urban landscapes? The hunger for flesh, any flesh, whether from a dead rat or the creatureís own family, it did not matter just as long as they received their desired resource.

At first no one could believe the strange phenomenon that had manifested itself upon the many first world countries. Nobody wanted to accept that their friends and family, who had long ago died, were but flesh eating ghouls and many became horrified, not by the rotten, but by the drastic attempts by the various governments of the globe to rid themselves of the plague. Many rebelled against the marshal law that restricted them from the freedoms that they had at one point taken for granted. And as the events developed more and more citizens of the world were restricted to confined quarters deep within the fortified cities which were, believed to be at the time, good defences against the eternally hungry but later proved only to be complex death traps. Eventually civilisationís screams faded away into the past, itís once beautiful face was scared, swollen and rotten, flesh lay bear upon the once loveable body. But yet, some survivedÖ
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The Dead Drew Closer
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