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 The Final Topic, from the Final Man...

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Rico Harkwood

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The Final Topic, from the Final Man... Empty
PostSubject: The Final Topic, from the Final Man...   The Final Topic, from the Final Man... Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 3:53 am

"Through the ruins of what once was plants grow in tightly nit clusters, vines choke the old charred rock and new life raises through the devastation. But yet some people linger within the deserted planet of Hezzikins, still watch from a far away distance never resting, never sleeping. Dreaming of a day when their true hopes and dreams can come true! Hoping that the old forum powers will somehow come back and start yet another war of propaganda and lies. But yet all is quiet now, Harkwood, the large land mass of tundra located on the planet Grome, is silent, the shelling has stopped, the once tyrannical tower is now but a silent monolith that over shadows the now free civilisation that had once been under its control.

We must turn away now, forget the past, and if anyone and I mean ANYONE, is reading this message I suggest that you turn away now. Forget these forsaken lands and the harsh history that it holds. Move on, start yourself a better life and accept that this place is but a dead corpse that needs only to be buried not dragged..."

Ricardo Harkwood.

(If you wish to contact Rico Harkwood you only have to look around the great vastness of Facebook where he currently relaxes under a nice, warm and relaxing sun. Sitting upon a lovely, sandy beach where he writes the odd piece here and there, draws the odd painting too).
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The Final Topic, from the Final Man...
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